Challenges and Changes in Journalism and Communication Education   July 14th, 2012

Just as the worlds of journalism and communication have changed, there is a rush by many colleges to re-invent degree programs in these disciplines. We know in the Hall School that this new vision for the futures of journalism and communication goes beyond adding a few multimedia tools to select classes; it is about understanding communications in today’s digital, global and information-based society.

For more than 40 years, the Hall School has prepared students for careers in journalism and communication. Our approach has always been to blend a rigorous academic program with cutting-edge technologies and skills, learned through the application of hands-on experience on our media-rich Troy campus.

The Hall School has earned a strong reputation in its undergraduate programs. However, we cannot simply rest on our past glories. The scope of the Hall School is being enlarged this year as we admit our first class of graduate students in our Master of Science in Strategic Communication degree program. Now, the Hall School is preparing students for successful careers through our undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

But the Hall School’s programs are not just about knowing today’s tools, they are about understanding how to navigate the terrain of an evolving industry that is changing our world.

The Hall School of Journalism and Communication is committed to ensuring that our students receive a world-class education focused on the future. What we are doing at TROY is exciting as we re-imagine the future of journalism and communication.

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