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Final Exams for Session B classes will be held Wednesday, July 22, 2015. Graduation Ceremonies for Summer will take place Friday, July 24, 2015. CONGRATULATIONS to our Summer 2015 graduates!

HSJC Student Organizations   August 26th, 2013

Academic year 2014-2015 faculty advisers for the HSJC student organizations

  • Ad/PR Club – Dr. Colaco
  • Broadcasting Club – Dr. Spurlock
  • Communication Club – Dr. Cochran
  • Lambda Pi Eta (NCA National Honor Society) – Dr. Diggs
  • NABJ – Dr. Hoppin
  • SPJ – Prof. Tabb


CNN’s Tom Foreman, a Troy grad, gives students his success formula   February 17th, 2012

CNN's Tom Foreman

CNN reporter Tom Foreman told journalism students Feb. 10 that they will need three things to be a successful journalist — hard work, talent and luck. He said talent and luck will flow out of hard work.

Foreman started working for a radio station in high school. He graduated from Troy’s Hall School of Journalism and Communication and worked for WSFA-TV in Montgomery.

He then worked for WWL-TV, a CBS affiliate in New Orleans, and for 10 years as a roving reporter based in Denver for ABC News.

Later at National Geographic, he won an Emmy Award for his work on “Inside Base Camp.” He joined CNN in 2004 and is based in Washington.

He told the Troy students that the journalism profession should matter to students because as a reporter you get to travel the world, meet celebrities and go to war zones. Foreman said students here are not just competing with others at Troy, but also with students from Harvard, Princeton and other universities.

“Good is not good enough; be better,” Foreman said.

He gave two ways to get into the business of reporting and stay in.

He said every reporter must have a good basic set of skills. He must read as much as he can: novels, magazines and newspapers.

Foreman’s second point was to write as much as you can, practice putting paragraphs together, and love how sentences are put together.

Foreman gave students advice on staying in the business. He told them to be adaptive, be indispensable, and be an asset to the company. He said to love the work and not be a slacker. There should be more journalists dedicated to finding the truth and fighting for honesty, he said.

A student asked whether she should take the first journalism job offered. Foreman said yes, in order to gain experience for later jobs, but he advised also thinking about how the business is moving.

He said if it’s inevitable, then it’s ideal. Make the job you have the best you can make it, he advised.

When a journalist is interviewing a source, the talk goes two ways, he said. “Interviews are a conversation, not a recitation of questions.”

Shundalynn Hall, a senior broadcast journalism major from Prattville, said one day she hopes to have a great career like Foreman is having and to meet as many celebrities as he has.

“I am glad I came to hear Tom speak; he gave great advice to all of us to use when we leave Troy,” she said.

Meshana Hubbard, a senior print journalism major from Decatur, said Foreman is a great speaker and she will use his advice to the best of her ability. She said she will be graduating in May, so she is trying to get all the good advice she can get.

(Story by Brian Anderson, a junior journalism major from Birmingham.)

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